Panda Mery

Panda Mery | 판다 메리

Almost too calm productive irritant,
neurodivergent researcher, bricoleur and flâneur

calm, almost too calm
1. Name of this website.
2. Description on a police custody record: ‘RISK ASSESSMENT: D[etained] P[risoner] is calm on arrival, almost too calm’.
3. State of the author when in stressful situations.
4. Title of a chapter in the book Being Autistic.
1. Domain name of this website.
2. Portmanteau word (gizmo + astronaut) meaning an explorer of things you can’t put a name to.

Locations: Seoul – Earth

Current projects

police apology

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A few soapflakes from EXE Magazine

'Pataphysical and other occurences

Flickr  Most of my photographs are on Flickr.

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RedPhone  A smartphone and a Bluetooth headset are some of the tools that have hanged from my batbelt. I have been found to carry other stuff too.

WhatDoTheyKnow  Some of my Freedom of Information requests are on WhatDoTheyKnow (some older ones also on WhatDoTheyKnow).

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Many thanks to everyone visiting this website. It has been developed while listening to Nahmi’s music.