EXE Magazine (1986-2000)

EXE's wake

.EXE Magazine (rhymes with "not sexy") was a monthly UK-published software developers' magazine.

"NTK's favourite hardcore top-shelf development mag".

EXE's editors Val's cake David

Some of my EXE soapflakes

Adams' family & Will Cutting the cake Will

"A sad thing. I subscribe to several programming/computing magazines and the really interesting ones seem to be the ones that drop out. Condolences to your erstwhile colleagues."

"Damn, EXE was one of the good ones."

"I liked (and subscribed to) EXE because of its independence."

"It would be sad news if it were to go - it's the only general computing mag that I still read in depth."

"Good points -- the intelligence. Authors (usually!) had it, and readers were treated as though they had it too."

"Technically informative at techie not management level. Assumed good knowledge of the subjects (and the intelligence to make use of the articles ) on the part of the readers. Independent of the party line of Microsoft/Borland/Sun/whoever. A sense of humour (most noted with Ms Stob) but visible with Mayhem and other pieces in the magazine."

"Can we now be told who Verity was?" [Ed: Verity has her very own column in El Reg. Verity also published a selection of her columns in book form: The Best of Verity Stob, which a reviewer described as ‘an amazing potted history of man's inhumanity to man in the name of programming’.]