Tue, 10 Mar 2009

'Crossing a line' - a poem by Kent police

13 X '200' litre barrels
12 X'18.5' litre water containers
1 '19' litre water bottle
4 X water bottles of various sizes
10 X inflatable dinghys
33 X car tyres
numerous large / small / bike inner tubes
plastic bag containing tyre valves
adhesives & patches
2 X '3ft' plastic tubes
5 X high output air pumps
1 foot pump
2 X airpumps
1 sail
4 X inflatable cushions
8 X inflatable canoes
inflatable matress
30 X canoe paddles, incl double / single / T-bar types of bladed paddles
13 X wooden 'homemade' paddles
46 X lifejackets
4 X wet suits - (1 returned)
dry wader boots
2 X llife belts
various wooden pallets nailed together forming 5 Raft bases
8 x wooden pallet of various sizes
various sizes and lengths of wood / timber / plywood
51 x lengths of wood with yellow plastic end attachments (returned)
large quantity of 'branch' wood (returned)
31 x pieces of red coloured wood (returned)
16 x saws of varying size (4 ret)
2 x lengths of waste pipe
quantity of black foam pipe lagging
a variety of bungee cords (some ret) and various straps
4 x various sizes of hosepipe, some with connectors
5 x various sizes of netting (1 returned)
2 x plastic buckets
3 war on terror board games (returned)*
1 bandana
1 plastic character face mask with wig.
2 X wigs
2 X face masks
1 beige nose
black face covering - emblazoned with 'recognised enemy of the state'
1 balaclava
1 clown outfit
unknown animal head costume
3 X cycle helmets
large assortment of coloured hard hats (some returned)
3 X hoods
2 X hats
assortment of scarves
various overalls / coveralls (all ret) incl: painting, hooded, disposable, white
3 x pairs bolt croppers (1 returned)
cable cutters
10 x sets of wire rope cutters (returned)
tin spips
2 x pairs wire cutters
several pairs of pliers (1 returned)
4 x hacksaws ( 1 ret), 9 hacksaw blades
Prof cut large metal saw.
electric cable tester
5 x parachutes
10 x hand held radio's (returned)
4 x smoke bombs
road map with phone number
bag containing a model of the power station, aerial photo and CD (returned)
2 maps of power station. (returned)
1 map
2 x lengths of fencing mesh
14 x 'one' tonne scissor jacks (all returned)
4 x spades (returned)
3 x sledgehammers (2 returned)
2 x D rings for towing (very heavy duty)
metal tow pin
4 x climbing Karabinas
various holdalls and rucksacks (2 returned), 2 x containing rock climbing kit
3 x climbing harnesses
17 x buckles
several lengths of webbing with ratchets
large assortment of ropes
1 scaffold jack (returned)
1 car jack
6 rolls of normal duct tape
3 rolls of duct tape sprayed with silver paint
8 rolls of black duct tape
3 rolls of grey duct tape
1 roll of white duct tape (returned)
17 rolls of gaffa tape
1 roll of white gaffer tape
4 rolls of silver gaffa tape
numerous coloured spray paint cans (some returned)
spray paint adapter
various sized paint brushes (some returned)
vessels of paint primer
vessels of acrylic paint
various vessels of paint (some returned)
tin of metal paint
tube of putty
pot of ink
various containers / tubes of glues and adhesives incl: superglue, araldite resin, evostick, bostic, 'no
more nails', spray adhesives (some returned)
assortment of coloured marker pens (some returned)
pencils, crayons and chalk (some returned)
various lengths of chains incl: steel-o-chain, coil, bike, some cut/broken (some returned)
In excess of 53 x D-locks (some returned)
38 x bike locks - (some returned)
6 x combination locks
small number coil locks
small number loop locks
small number steel locks
1 of each, barrel, crook locks
2 x steering wheel locks
cable loops
various padlocks incl: key, combination, anchor, (some returned)
various types of tape, including gaffer, duct (some returned)
1 wooden walking stick
5 x round wooden shields with blue rope handles
1 spear
3 x capped needles
large kilt pin
bamboo sticks in a bundle
assortment of wooden fence posts / stakes
stakes with blue and black plastic end attachments (returned)
assortment / bundles of metal stakes of varying length (many returned)
1 copper pipe
razor blades
3 x yellow playing darts (returned)
4 x ice axes, 2 x ice picks and 3 x pick axes (2 returned)
27 x grappling hooks (26 returned)
2 x small axes (1 returned)
staple gun (returned)
black plastic imitation rifle
2 metal rods (1 returned)
black metal handle
1 wooden handle with metal handle
2 red petrol cans
bomb' bag
2 boxes of display fireworks
2 golf balls
1 golf club (returned)
glass containers, jars, bottles (some returned)
10 pairs of scissors
assortment of knives, incl the types of: Swiss Army, metal / wooden and plastic folding, wooden
handled, pen, kitchen, craft, flick, lock, skinning, steak, paring, leatherman.
2 forks
variety of hammers (4 ret) incl, clubb, wooden handled, floral, claw, mallett
various power / hand drills and drill bits
assortment of screwdrivers (3 returned)
selection of spanners / wrenchs inc, adjustable, fixed, bike (1 returned)
numerous multitools
1 chisel
nails (some returned)
metal comb
assortment of clips, inc jubilee, metal
various wires / cables incl: welding, plastic coated, coiled, solder
jointed metal bike rack - damaged
2 x electrical leads (small)
various yellow studs/rivets
handcuff key
bolts with washers
solder and assortments of metal wire
nuts & bolts
tin container
small screws and safety pins
2 x blue metal wheel braces
1 metal object
2 flashlights & 1 dragon lamp
1 book titled 'Wholey Irrisponsable Experiments'
assortment of leaflets / flyers/ newsletters / booklets / envelopes
Anarchist literature booklet
Camp for climate handbook
various banners
bag containing several flags
small number of badges
cardboard artifacts
congestion card
Swiss Card (Quattro Black)
1 climate change card
1 number stamp
bag of balloons and party poppers
assortment of strings / twine / ribbons / cords, excl: ropes and cables
numerous washing lines
assortment of plastic bags / bin liners/ cloth (returned)
hessian sacking
various sizes / rolls of carpet / cloths
blankets / rugs
large number of ground mats
various tarpaulines
14 X white plastic table tops
large number of plastic rings
midi block brush
2 pairs of nail clippers
metholated spirits
white tub containing soap, Potassium Hydroxide flakes and Methonol
dealer' bag containing traces of white powder
Paracetomol tablets in box
Diazipam tablets 5mg
Cannabis grinder
reflective trailer marker
solar power power leads
2 X stick candles
camera - (found property)
50m extension lead
ladies mountain bike
1 box containing 17 plastic fog horns (returned)
package of green matter (returned)
empty can
empty bottle
vault lock
1 pair of blue ear defenders (returned)
assortment of gloves incl: latex, plastic, heavy duty gripper (returned)

This poetic list is the description of the property seized by Kent police as part of Operation Oasis; the operation conducted at Climate Camp in Kingsnorth in August 2008. Will there be an exhibition? This list was published by the BBC, and that's the authoritative source for it writes the Kent police. This operation cost £5.9m. It was initially claimed 68 out of the 1,500 officers involved sustained injuries from the protesters. It was later found out that "Kent police have informed the Home Office that there were no recorded injuries sustained as a result of direct contact with the protesters." Here's a mashup of the lists of injuries:

four injuries involved any contact with protesters at all and all were at the lowest level of seriousness with no further action taken.
officer stung on finger by possible wasp
officer injured sitting in car
officer succumbed to sun and heat
officer cut his arm on a fence when climbing over it
officer cut his finger while mending a car
officer used leg to open door and next day had pain in lower back
three officers had succumbed to heat exhaustion
three had toothache
six were bitten by insects
others had diarrhoea, had cut their finger or had headaches

To get a feel about getting in the Climate Camp, check out the 18-minute video documentary by Jason Parkinson about police stop and search of journalists. The Guardian has since obtained footage shot by police, accompanied by their own critical commentary that shows how their officers monitored campaigners and the media – and demanded personal information. Also revealed is that the Police are maintaining a database of the details of thousands of political campaigners and journalists. What some police officers think about freedom of the press, an essential requirement for a democratic society:

"A lot of press officers aren't there. Just think they can bloody wander in and out of the field. It's wrong, I think," the lead officer remarked when the ITV crew was in shot.

The combination of the stop of search powers of section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 (which have more to do with reassuring the public than catching terrorists), the new arrest powers brought in with section 76 of the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 - in particular when taking photographs of police officers, this database of activists and press, and the promise of Superintendent David Hartshorn that the 'Police are preparing for a "summer of rage"' make for a bad cocktail. How many more innocents, who have committed no crime, will have to be surveilled and arrested before the situation improves?

(* We learn that the war on terror board games were seized for the sole reason they contain an 'evil' balaclava and were sealed.)

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