‘Suspicious clothing’

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Calm, almost too calm

calm, almost too calm

When I was arrested, on the custody record the Police note: ‘Risk Assessment: D[etained] P[risonner] is calm on arrival [at the station], almost too calm’. Interesting to realise that being calm is something that disturbs the police! I was ‘placed in a video cell on half hourly checks’.

Read the full story: Innocent in London – ‘Suspicious behaviour on the tube’. See also A pawn in their propaganda machine.

Loopzilla modelling the yellow calm t-shit on 2006-10-13
Gordon Joly;
model: Loopzilla)
Loopzilla modelling the yellow calm t-shit on 2007-10-04
David Terrar;
model: Loopzilla)
Photograph by Peter Marshall
Peter Marshall
'I'm a Photographer … not a Terrorist' event)
calm, almost too calm
suspicious cap

suspicious behaviour

Read Techie and terrorist behavioural profiles are the same.



The police eventually apologise for my unlawful arrest.

Police apology to an innocent
(Police apology)
Limitations Permitted @ Peckham Space
(Picture taken at the Limitations permitted project)
innocent cap


Samuel innocent
(Model: Samuel)
too warm

too warm for the season

One of the reason I was stopped by the Police is that I was allegedly wearing a jacket ‘too warm for the season’. This is also a reason that was given when the Police shot the innocent Jean Charles de Menezes six days earlier. See also Techie and terrorist behavioural profiles are the same.



During my arrest interview, the police suspected these idle doodles it could be a map: ‘It could be doodles but is it a plan of the station or anything like that?’ (it really could be anything one would like to see in the doodles; I have no recollection when or why I did them).



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