Tue, 26 Jun 2007

The Law Lords

Why do the Law Lords refused to hear Babar Ahmad's case? I don't understand.

The Law Lords decide that ‘That leave to appeal be refused’ in Ahmad (Petitioner) v Government of the United States of America and another (Respondents) As SACC expresses in very strong terms, the decision of the Law Lords is surprising. If there was nothing to this case, surely the Europen Court wouldn't have immediately asked the UK Government for a stay on the extradition. I asked the House of Lords for more information as to the reasons for this decision. The reply I received does not give much more information:
Please be advised the Law Lords refuse leave to appeal on the grounds that there is no point of law of public importance to hear the appeal at the House of Lords. Detailed decisions are not provided by the Appeal Committee and are not published on the website.

The House of Lords Appellate Committee rules that Iraqi detainees are protected by the Human Rights Act 1998

2007-06-26 UPDATED with further info from the House of Lords

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