Wed, 07 Mar 2007

Not enough innocents arrested, let's do an ad campaign

In the same week, the Met launched a counter-terrorism ad campaign calling Londoners to report anything they suspect, and announced some terrorism arrest statistics showing that more than half of arrested terrorist suspects since 2001-09-11 have been released without charges.

From September 2001-09-11 upto 2006-12-31, more than half of the 1,166 persons arrested by the UK Police as part of a terrorist investigation were released without charge (652 out of 1166); and as of 2007-03-05, only 40 were convicted for terrorism related offences. (The original statistics are currently available on the Home Office website. Some other analysis include the BBC, the Guardian and Jurist.)

Read Techie and terrorist behavioural profiles are the same to realise that we're all suspects, then go browse the Met's ‘if you suspect it, report it’ ad campaign and be scared. When will they learn from their past mistakes?

Do whatever you can to reclaim your civil liberties before you get denounced for having a non conforming behaviour and are arrested.
Some suggestions.

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