Sun, 25 Mar 2007


Today, the UK switched to Summer time - from GMT to BST. This was advertised at 01:00 UTC by the MSF signal, the principal means of disseminating the UK national standards of time and frequency.

This is the last such switch signaled from Rugby, Warwickshire. In a few days, on 2007-04-01 the MSF service broadcast will transfer to Anthorn, Cumbria. Rugby MSF started transmitting standard time in 1950 with announcements every 15 minutes. Time signals were first broadcast from Rugby on 19 December 1927, from the Rugby GBR which continued transmitting time signals until the end of November 1986.

How do all the acronyms in the title of this post relate to each other? They all have something to do with time. See the Soapflake Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late! I wrote a decade ago.

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