Tue, 13 Jun 2006

Is the UK a police state? - Another mistake

More detail emerge about the Police raid in Forest Gate as the two previously arrested brothers talk about the ordeal the Metropolitan Police had them go through (The Guardian and The Independent write-ups).

On 2005-12-11 (five months after the lethal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes), the president of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) said on the use of lethal force: 'We are doing everything we can... but the probability is that there may be mistakes'.

A week and half ago, Mohammed Abdul Kahar was shot in the chest by the Police in an anti-terror raid at his home at 4am – one of these mistakes. At the press conference after he was released without charge, he talked about the cost of such mistakes:
‘This has ruined my life, I cannot sleep, I have flashbacks, I cannot sleep with the light off.’
The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) issued a press release asking for the MPS to produce a report on the ‘Forest Gate operation’. I would have hoped for stronger language when we learn that at the last Authority meeting the Commissioner misled the Authority. I expect the chair of the MPA wouldn't want anyone to think the MPA is a soft touch when some innocent Londoners are shot by the MPS.


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