Mon, 14 Dec 2009

Interviewed by the Londonist

Jaz Cummins interviewed me a few weeks ago for the Londonist for her series of London Blogger Interviews. This interview, #34 in the series, has just been published. It was an interesting exercise as I hadn't previously spent much time reflecting on the blog itself. The 15 words or less description I came up with is: 'Reporting about being calm, almost too calm, on human rights and policing issues, plus technology.' Thanks to Jaz and M@ for organising it and to Jaz for the questions.

Read the full interview at the Londonist. You can comment at the Londonist or by email (see 'feedback' link at the bottom of every post).

The London Blogger Interviews #34 Gizmonaut @ The Londonist

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