Tue, 01 Dec 2009

Demanding justice for Ian Tomlinson

Ian Tomlinson was remembered earlier today with a candlelight vigil. Eight months earlier, he died on his way home after being hit by police officers during the G20 demonstration.

Candlelight vigil for Ian Tomlinson

His family set up a campaign to:

demand a full investigation into Ian’s death that scrutinises the individual conduct and operational command tactics of police officers present at the G20 protest and those in command of them when Ian was assaulted and died

call for full criminal charges to be brought against any officer whose actions or failure of duty resulted in Ian’s death

campaign for change to any police policies, tactics or frequent abuses of power which may effectively endanger people’s lives rather than protect them, so that future deaths and injuries to the public can be prevented

raise awareness of any issues we may experience as a family seeking justice through statutory and judicial systems that are a cause for public concern

The Independent Police Complaint Commission (IPCC) completed its main investigation and passed a file to the Crown Prosecution Service. The IPCC have also been asked by the family of Ian Tomlinson 'for a full report on what looks like a cover-up'. The CPS is considering whether to press charges.

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