Fri, 20 Feb 2009

Unintended consequences of legislation on our basic rights and freedoms

The Abolition of Freedom Act Report 2009 marks the beginnings of a research project that seeks to track the unintended consequences of legislation on our fundamental rights and freedoms in the UK since the Human Rights Act 1998. This report has been compiled by the UCL Student Human Rights Programme (UCLHRP) on its shiny new website. The students work on several other projects about human rights issues; it's worth checking out the rest of the site.

This UCLHRP report is published alongside several briefings by the Convention on Modern Liberty on its research page:

We have a small team of researchers at work chronicling some of the most striking examples of the abuses the Convention aims to help stop. We will be using this page to publish the result research documents. You can download PDF versions of those we have already published using the links below:

#1: Innocence is no protection against the government's laws

#2: Whose life is it anyway?

#3: Has Britain become obsessed with petty minded control?

#4: Labour’s liberal rebels

#5: The personal questions the government wants us to answer

See also a detailed report compiled for us by the UCL Student Human Rights Programme, listing all the liberties we’ve lost in the past decade:

The Abolition of Freedom Act 2009

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