Sun, 13 Jan 2008

Last few days for the consultation on Managing Protest around Parliament

The Home Office consultation on Managing Protest around Parliament closes on 2008-01-17. Have you sent your response in yet?

Peaceful demonstrations happened on Saturday. Here's what Rikki wrote at Indymedia about the London event:

in an afternoon of filming, at no time did i see a single act of violence towards the police from the peaceful protestors, and yet police used completely disproportionate and aggressive tactics to disperse and control peaceful sit-downs and blockades. i saw a 61 year old woman being dragged without any heed for 'health and safety' and dumped on the pavement. another elderly man was thrown over his bicycle (despite having recently had an accident leaving him in considerable pain)

there were several other arrests this afternoon, mainly for obstruction and public order offences. one person was arrested for 'organising an unauthorised protest'

See also Parliament Protest. And, don't delay sending in your response any further.

(In unrelated news, the planned demonstration by the Police Federation of England and Wales to go through Westminster on 2008-01-23 looks like it may be banned by the Metropolitan Police.)

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