Tue, 23 Jan 2007

Where is the Metropolitan Police entry in the data protection public register?

At some point, either when searching the Data Protection register for some other entry (LGC) or checking for dead links I couldn't find the entry for the Metropolitan Police Service anymore.

I did find it curious but after being frustrated in my searches, I recorded the fact and then just moved on. Wtwu noticed this remark and followed it up, and it appears that the MPS may not be currently registered under the Data Protection Act. (Thanks for the attentive reading of gizmonaut.net and your fantastic work with Spyblog.)

If that's really the case, then the databases such as the PNC would likely be illegal!

(It is ennoying that it is not possible to give permalinks to entries in the data protection public register)

If you need to do a data subject access for information held on an MPS computer, use the forms linked from here.

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