Wed, 13 Sep 2006

'MPA appoints new Deputy Assistant Commissioners to the Metropolitan Police Service'

Cressida Dick is among the four applicants selected by the MPA for appointment to the rank of Deputy Assistant Commissioner. Cressida Dick was in charge of the operation that led to de Menezes being shot seven times in the head after he was mistaken for a suspected suicide bomber.
A panel of five MPA members interviewed the officers with Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, acting as police advisor. Catherine Crawford, Clerk to the Authority, was also in attendance.

MPA Chair Len Duvall, who led the interview panel, said:


"Clearly there are some sensitive and unprecedented circumstances involved. Candidates were chosen on the basis of their application and ability. The MPA would not prejudice an officer's fair promotion prospects by making assumptions about future disciplinary action. Officers will not be posted into new posts until outstanding issues are resolved."

"The MPA has 23 members who scrutinise and support the work of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)".

Are all 23 members supporting the decision of this 5 member panel? If not will they resign on this issue?

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