Sun, 17 Jun 2007

Copy of Stop and search form 5090 eventually given to me

Code of Practice A of the Police and Criminal Evidence (PACE) Act 1984 states:
4.    Recording requirements

4.1 An officer who has carried out a search in the exercise of any power to which this Code applies, must make a record of it at the time, unless there are exceptional circumstances which would make this wholly impracticable ( situations involving public disorder or when the officer’s presence is urgently required elsewhere). If a record is not made at the time, the officer must do so as soon as practicable afterwards. There may be situations in which it is not practicable to obtain the information necessary to complete a record, but the officer should make every reasonable effort to do so. [See Note 21.]

4.2 A copy of a record made at the time must be given immediately [my emphasis] to the person who has been searched. The officer must ask for the name, address and date of birth of the person searched, but there is no obligation on a person to provide these details and no power of detention if the person is unwilling to do so.
A form 5090 was completed during my stop and search back on 2005-07-28, but a copy was never given to me until a few days ago

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