Mon, 03 Nov 2008


The BBC in its Monday's coverage of the inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes picked up on a comment made by another passenger, that he looked almost calm. This is in fact the second time during the inquest that someone commented de Menezes was calm.

First time was in the statement of Vivien Menezes, Jean Charles's first cousin:

[...] He was a calm individual and always behaved reasonably and was polite to the police. [...]

And on Monday when Anna Dunwoodie, a passenger in the same row of seats as Jean Charles de Menezes was answering a question from Mr Jonathan Hough (on behalf of the Coroner)

Q. You also say that you could see the expression on the man's face who actually had the gun pointed at his neck, that's Mr de Menezes; can you remember anything about that expression now?

A. I remember that his eyes were closed and I remember that he had ... you know, it's a hard thing to try to explain but his eyes were closed and he looked almost calm, which again I hesitate to say that, but ... I guess he had a gun pressed, and there wasn't very much he could do about it.

As you hopefully noticed I settled as the title for this blog on an excerpt from the custody record filled in after my arrest:

RISK ASSESSMENT: DP [detained prisoner] is calm on arrival [at the station], almost too calm.

What's so unusual, disturbing or noteworthy about remaining calm?

(The bold is my emphasis.)

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