Mon, 11 Sep 2006

Are you getting spam from

If you're receiving spam from my domain name, know that it has nothing to do with me or my domain. I'm currently receiving tens of thousands of email returned to tens of different email addresses at

I am a victim of this spamming as much if not more than you.

Update: several hours later, received about sixty thousand spam email messages. My ISP disabled my .procmailrc as I presume it was taxing their server too much deadling with all this spam. As soon as I realised the problem, luckily early on, I created a recipe whitelisting the few email addresses I've used on this domain and saving all other messages to a spam folder. A bit later I moved this recipe towards the top of .procmailrc. It may not have been enough. I kept the spam in case it may be useful to the ISP but I have no intention to go through 60 K of spam. I'd be happy if my .procmailrc is reactivated with this rule moving the spams to /dev/null instead. I did a few other changes to how my mail is delivered and hopefully won't lose any good email.

br -d

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