Sat, 07 Oct 2006

What happened to the Met?

I've been fixing links that went dead on I had several links to the Information Commissioner's Office and most of them went dead, including the direct links to entries in the Register of data controllers. I searched for the entries and instead of giving direct links I included the registration number (which should last for longer).

One entry I cannot find is the one for the Metropolitan Police. It seems to have disappeared from the register. At least I can't find it using all the names (including Metropolis and MPS) or addresses I can think of. If you do find its entry please let me know. At least the MPS has some information on Data Protection on its website.

That is no more the case for the MPS Directorate of Professional Standards. There doesn't seem to be any information at all anymore on it available on the Metropolitan Police's website. The page linked from all over the web doesn't exist anymore. Some review information of Professional Standards is available on the MPA's website and some of the DPS staff are currently investigating my arrest) so this Directorate still seems to exist.

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