David ‘Panda’ Mery

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Languages: English, French
Location: London, UK

Almost too calm researcher, bricoleur, productive irritant and flâneur

Civil society

Member, London Borough of Hackney Autism Alliance Board (July 2016 to present)

Member of the User & Community Engagement and the Learning & Development workstreams, and of the board.

Chair of Publications, Autscape (November 2015 to present)

Autscape is a conference by and for autistic people. Proofreads, edits and occasionally writes Autscape material.

Director, AutAngel (February 2015 to present)

Community interest company run by and for autistics. AutAngel aims to empower autistics and create opportunities for them to thrive and fulfil their potential. Contributed two chapters to the book Being Autistic – Nine adults share their journeys from discovery to acceptance. Maintains the AutEvents calendar of autism-related events.

Restarter & London Volunteer Coordinator, Restart Project (December 2012 to present)

The Restart Project is a social enterprise that aims to change our relationship with technology. It encourages and empowers people to use their electronics longer by sharing repair and maintenance skills.

Independent Custody Visitor (August 2010 to present)

Conduct unannounced visits to police custody suites to check on the welfare of the detainees. Elected Vice-Chair of the Hackney & Tower Hamlets ICV panel in April 2015, after having served as Vice-Chair (March 2013-June 2014) and Chair (June 2014-April 2015) of the Hackney Borough ICV panel. The ICV scheme is statutory and part of the UK national preventative mechanism required by the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention Against Torture.

Member of Advisory Board, Privacy International (October 2011 to present)

Co-opted to the advisory board of Privacy International, a charity organisation whose mission is to fight for the right to privacy across the world.

Supporter, NO2ID (January 2007 to present)

Elected to the advisory board of NO2ID in April 2012, a single-issue campaigning organisation focussed on the threat to liberty and privacy posed by the rapid growth of the database state.

Other memberships and voluntary roles

Associate member of the Free Software Foundation (2003 to present).
Member of a stop and search monitoring group (2010 to 2011).
Legal observer (2010).
Member of Amnesty International (2006 to 2010).
Member of Liberty (2005 to 2011).
Founding member of the Open Rights Group (2005 to 2006).
Participated in the creation of Mobile Monday London (2005).
Co-founder and co-sysop of the OS/2 MANiA association (1990 to 1992).
Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (1987 to 2009)
Member of the Association Francaise pour la Cybernétique Economique et Technique (1987 to 1989).
Participated at local, regional and national level in the Microtel and Adémir associations (1980 to 1987).

Speaking engagements

Speaker at the V&A Friday Late on Why and how to become a restarter with the Restart Project, UK (2015).
Speaker at the OpenTech session on Why and how to become a restarter with the Restart Project, UK (2013).
Keynote speaker at the public debate Surveillance, Politics and Civil Society, UK (2010).
Speaker at a workshop on Fighting the law and winning for the ten years of Indymedia, UK (2010).
Guest speaker at a public meeting of the Pan African Society Community Forum on civil liberties, UK (2009).

Television and video interviews

Deutsche Welle, Focus on Europe, Germany (2015), WOWOW, Finding 1984, Japan (2014); National Autistic Society, Ask Autism, UK (2014); ORF, Welt Journal, Austria (2012); Sky News, Sunrise, UK (2009); Mega TV, The Files, Greece (2007); BBC One, Politics Show, UK (2006); Sky News, Today, UK (2005).

Radio interviews

BBC World Service, Discovery, UK (2015); Dissident Island Radio, UK (2010); Radio Adelaide, Breakfast with Peter Godfrey, Australia (2005); ABC Radio National, Late Night Live, Australia (2005); BBC Radio Four, Broadcasting House, UK (2005); BBC Radio Five Live, The Way Forward, UK (2005); RampART Radio, Indymedia, UK (2005).

Print interviews

The Voice, UK (2014), AFP, UK (2013); Cageprisoners, UK (2011); Colors Magazine, ‘Cease-Fear’, Italy (2009); I fought the law, ‘Britain's Ten Worst Laws’ chapter, Bantam Press, UK (2007); The Dallas Morning News, USA (2005).


Chief Analyst, Inpro Licensing, London, UK (October 2010 to July 2012)

Conducted technical and commercial research.

Freelance journalist, London, UK (2007 to 2010)

A potted history of sections 43 and 44 published by Black Mental Health (August 2010).
Halting section 44 stop and search powers published by Black Mental Health (July 2010).

Exposing MI5 blackmail published by the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (October 2009).
Secret evidence undermines right to fair trial published by the Coalition Against Secret Evidence (June 2009).
Stop and search under the Terrorism Act published in Red Pepper (June 2009).
The mobile phone as self-inflicted surveillance published in The Register (April 2009).
Three months on, you still can't get off the DNA database published in The Register (March 2009).
Stop'n'search gets touchy-feely published in The Register (January 2009).

Don't delay: Delete your DNA today published in The Register (December 2008).
The DNA database and you published in The Register (November 2008).
How to delete your DNA profile published in The Register (January 2008).

Fighting torture with copyright published in The Register (March 2007).

Editor – Developer Program, UIQ Technology, London, UK & Ronneby, Sweden (May 2006 to July 2008)

Managed the developer community portal and forums, the commissioning budget, and editorial projects at mobile phone user interface software company UIQ Technology. Wrote news stories for the developer portal and partners' newsletters. Led discussion sessions on mobile user interfaces and user experience at the Mobile World Congress and Over the Air events.

Freelance journalist, London, UK (September 2005)

Suspicious behaviour on the tube published on the front page of The Guardian (September 2005).

Technology Outreach, Symbian Software, London, UK (January 2000 to April 2006)

Technology editor, marketing strategy manager and developer outreach manager at mobile phone operating system company Symbian Software. Created a media plan, an editorial process, a developer strategy and an award scheme. Commissioned, edited and wrote a monthly newsletter, brochures, white papers and articles. Participated in the redesign of Symbian's websites. Managed relationships with independent community websites and some partners. Open sourced the OPL interpreted language and created a scheme for Symbian's engineers to publish open source applications. Co-chaired the Security Alert team, part of Symbian's Computer Security Incident Response Team. Organised more than twenty-two internal seminars.

Editor, EXE Magazine, Centaur, London, UK (June 1994 to December 1999)

Responsibilities at monthly software developers' EXE Magazine included managing a team of five, full editorial and production responsibilities for the magazine and its website, and sourcing and managing industry contributors.

Freelance journalist, London, UK (July 1993 to June 1994)

Contributed to newspapers and magazines. British publications: The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, PC Direct, What Personal Computer. French publications: 01 Informatique, Le Journal du Téléphone. European publications: Byte European Reseller, Eurotrade.

Senior Editor, PC Expert, Ziff-Davis, Paris, France (December 1991 to January 1993)

Responsible for the section on new technologies, operating systems and telecommunications.

Software Engineer, P.N.B., Paris, France (June 1990 to December 1991)

Developed a fax software in C and assembler at modem manufacturer P.N.B. Project leader of the Service d'Acces Micro contract with France Telecom.

Research and Development Engineer, Microformatic, Paris, France and Moodus, Connecticut, USA (August 1989 to March 1990)

Wrote communications software on OS/2 at software house Microformatic. Spent two months at US subsidiary in charge of the adaptation of the product to the American market. Promoted to Project leader.

Visiting lecturer in telecommunications, IBM, Paris, France (1989 to 1990)

Technical Director, Euratec, Paris, France (September 1986 to February 1987)

Participated in a feasibility study of the transfer of the development operation of an Ada compiler from Iceland to software house Euratec in Paris. Negotiated support for Ada with manufacturers DEC, Data General, Bull, Atari and Apple. Prepared a videotext information service.

Student, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), Paris, France (1986 to 1987)

Wrote a Lisp interpreter and a compiler of a subset of Algol in Pascal on Multics, a task manager and memory manager in C on Bull Mini 6, and an emulation of a subset of MC68000 instructions in 8086 assembler.

Software Developer, Téléinformatique, Paris, France (April 1985)

Developed a terminal emulator resident in a PAD X.25, in 6809 assembler, for the Crédit Agricole bank.

Computer course examiner, Institut de Gestion Sociale, Paris, France (1985).

Software Developer, Caisses Centrales de Mutualité Sociale Agricole, Paris, France (August 1984 to March 1985)

Software development, in Basic, for insurance company Caisses Centrales de Mutualité Sociale Agricole.

Visiting lecturer in computer science, Université Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris 1), Paris, France (1984 to 1986).

Computer instructor, City of Paris - InterClub 17, Paris, France (1984 to 1985)

Freelance journalist, Paris, France (1982 to 1991)

Wrote news and articles for PC-News, Info-PC and Décision Micro (1989 to 1991), Soft & Micro (1987 to 1989), and Génie Logiciel, Que Choisir, Goupil Revue and Microtel-Infos (1982 to 1986).


Support Brokerage, London Brokerage Network, London, UK (December 2014 to May 2015)

Awarded five Credits at Level Two by OCN Credit4Learning (February 2016).

Massive Open Online Course (2014)

Psychology and mental health, University of Liverpool (September to October 2014)
Sustainability, society and you, University Of Nottingham (June to July 2014)
Forensic science and criminal justice, University of Leicester (March to May 2014)
Good brain, bad brain: Parkinson's disease, University of Birmingham (February to March 2014)
Introduction to forensic science, University of Strathclyde (January to February 2014).

Spoon carving, Barn the Spoon, London, UK (March 2014)

The Miracle of Mindfulness, The Community of Interbeing, London, UK (March 2014)

Auditing MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice, City University, London, UK (September 2013 to April 2014)

Training for Independent Custody Visitors, Metropolitan Police Authority, London, UK (2010)

Legal observing training day, Network for Police Monitoring, London, UK (2010)

International human rights law training day, CCJO.RenéCassin, London, UK (2009)

Human rights law continuing education course, City University, London, UK (2007)

Symbian OS Essentials, Internals, Application UI and Platform Security training courses, Symbian, London, UK (2000-2005)

Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), Paris, France (1982 to 1988)

First year of MPhil without thesis (AEA) in languages, algorithmic and programming; majors: object-oriented programming and Lisp dialects semantic (1987 to 1988)
MSc (Maîtrise) in computer science; majors: operating systems, telecommunications and software engineering (1986 to 1987).
BSc (License) in computer science (1985 to 1986).
Undergraduate degree (DEUG) in mathematics, physics and computer science (1982 to 1985).

Certificate. August, Computer Camps International, Banner Lodge, Connecticut, U.S.A. (1982)

Diplôme du Baccalauréat S1 specialised in mathematics, Ecole Alsacienne, Paris, France (1977 to 1982)